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Alexander the Great with horse and sword

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Alexander the Great with horse and sword

  Product Number : 007VERONSTAT

Known as one of the most successful military commander, strategist, and tactician in the history. Alexander contained the unification of the multi-city states of ancient Greece and went on to conquer the Persian Empire, reaching as far as the Punjab. A pupil of Aristotle, he had been given the aspiration to greatness by supposed lineage of Greek Gods such as Zeus and Achilles. During his 12-year military campaigning, Alexander integrated foreigners into his army and encouraged his officers to marry local women. Alexander has planned to continue westward to conquer Europe before dying in Babylon of illness at age 33. Amongst his legacies is the Hellenistic Age as we know it.

Dimensions: 33x26x11 (Height x Width x Length in CM)

Material: Cold cast bronze (Resin blended with bronze powder)

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