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Black figured amphora

Handmade museum replica

Black figured amphora

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On the front side, black figured amphora illustrates Achilles and Ajax playing pessaries, a game of dice during a moment of relaxation from the Trojan War. The Rear side illustrates the return of Dioscuri, the twin brothers. Polydeuces is welcomed by his dog. Leda their mother in center, carrying a flower and some twigs. She holds them out towards Castor, who is in front of her but in the act of leading his nurse away. On the extreme right, there is Tyndareos patting the horse towards its face. A small slave boy brings out a stool with a change of clothing over it.

Copy classical period 560-53 BC.

Dimensions: 30x20x19 (Height x Width x Length in CM)

Material: Ceramic
Handmade in Greece Exact Museum Replica

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