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Black figured amphora

Handmade museum replica

Black figured amphora

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On the front side black figured amphora illustrates Achilles the warrior, executing the queen Penthesilea: Achilles in right, with long locks of hair, bearded, equipped with weapons, high-crested helmet, dressed in striped chiton, has flattened down the Amazon queen Penthesilea on her one knee, forced with spear on her throat. The rear side illustrates Dionysos facing his son to the left holds the wine branches in the left hand and with his right hand he gives a cantharos to his son Oinopion. His son facing him is beardless and nude, his hair is circled by branch of neatly arranged flowers holding an oinochoe, the wine jug.

Copy classical period 560-530 BC.

Dimensions: 31x19x18 (Height x Width x Length in CM)

Material: Ceramic
Handmade in Greece Exact Museum Replica

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