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Black figured hydria

Handmade museum replica

Black figured hydria

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Black figured hydria by Priamos illustrates a building with two Ionian(major tribes)  columns in antis with metopes and the triangular upper part painted white with two fountains, one on the left and one on the right in the shape of lions' heads. Two girls fill up their Hydrias with water while a third one waits for her turn. All three wear embroidered tunics and garments. Pictured on the left, Dionysos is holding a kantharos and Hermes  is on the right. On the top of the vase, two chariots with charioteers direct to the right.

Copy classical period 560-530 BC.

Dimensions: 40x31x26 (Height x Width x Length in CM)

Material: Ceramic
Handmade in Greece

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