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Cincture of the Theotokos

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Cincture of the Theotokos

According to the Sacred Tradition of the Orthodox Church, at the time of her Dormition, the Theotokos was buried by the Twelve Apostles in Jerusalem. Three days later, Thomas the Apostle, who had been delayed and unable to attend the funeral, arrived and asked to have one last look at the Virgin Mary. When he and the other apostles arrived at Mary's Tomb, they found that her body was missing. According to some accounts, the Virgin Mary appeared at that time and gave her belt (cincture) to the Apostle Thomas. During the 12th century, the Emperor Manuel I Komninos an official feast day for the cincture was established on August 31 on the Orthodox liturgical calendar.

This icon is an authentic copy of Byzantine hagiography using contemporary means (silk print) on prepared canvas with a gold leaf background.

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