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Pashmina light blue 176cm

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Pashmina light blue 176cm


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Pashmina: refers to a fine variant of spun cashmere, the animal-hair fibre forming the downy undercoat of the Changthangi goat. The word pashm means "wool" in Persian, but in Kashmir, pashm referred to the raw unspun wool of domesticated Changthangi goats. In common parlance today, pashmina may refer either to the material or to the variant of the Kashmir shawl that is made from it. Both generic cashmere and pashmina come from the same goat, but generic cashmere ranges from 12–21 microns in diameter, whereas pashmina refers only to those fibres that range from 12–16 microns.


Light blue


Height  :73 cm

Width   :176 cm

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