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Perseus beheading Medusa 34cm

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Perseus beheading Medusa 34cm

   Product Number : 144VERONSTAT

Perseus was the son of Zeus and Danae. He was sent on a quest to bring back the head of Gorgon Medusa, a snake-haired maiden who turned all who saw her into stone. Perseus was fully armed with a pair of winged sandals, which enabled him to fly, Herme's sword, a satchel to carry the Gorgon's head, and the invisibility helmet of Hades. Using the winged sandals, he swooped up high and decapitated Medusa with Herme's sword while looking at her reflection in the shiny shield which Athena had given him.

Dimensions: 34x14x15 (Height x Width x Length in CM)

Material: Cold cast bronze (Resin blended with bronze powder)

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