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Saint Maximus the Confessor

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Saint Maximus the Confessor

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Maximus the Confessor was a Christian monk, theologian, and scholar. His title of Confessor means that he suffered for the Christian faith, but was not directly martyred. Maximus was drawn into the controversy, in which he supported an interpretation of the Chalcedonian formula on the basis of which it was asserted that Jesus had both a human and a divine will. Maximus is venerated in both Eastern Christianity and Western Christianity. He was eventually persecuted for his Christological positions; following a trial, his tongue and right hand were mutilated. He was then exiled and died on August 13, 662 in Tsageri, Georgia. However, his theology was upheld by the Third Council of Constantinople and he was venerated as a saint soon after his death. He has two feast days on 13 August and January.

This icon is an authentic copy of Byzantine hagiography using contemporary means (silk print) on prepared canvas with a gold leaf background.

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