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Three Graces or Charites goddesses of charm, beauty, and creativity 25.5cm

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Charites: The usual roster, as given in Hesiod, is Aglaea ("Shining"), Euphrosyne ("Joy"), and Thalia ("Blooming"). Hesiod states that Aglaea is the youngest of this group and the wife of Hephaestus. In Roman mythology they were known as the Gratiae, the "Graces". In some variants, Charis was one of the Charites, who was equated with Aglaea rather than a singular form of the name, as she too is referred to as the wife of Hephaestus. The Charites were usually considered the daughters of Zeus and Oceanid Eurynome. Rarely, they were said to be daughters of Dionysus and Kronois or of Helios and the Naiad Aegle. Other possible names of their mother by Zeus are Eurydome, Eurymedousa, or Euanthe. Homer identified them as part of the retinue of Aphrodite. The Charites were also associated with the Greek underworld and the Eleusinian Mysteries.


Bronze blended resin


Height :25,5 cm